Annie Aitken Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde The musical focuses on Malibu Sorority Girl, Elle Woods, who is going through a breakup with her boyfriend Warner. To win him back, she is admitted to Harvard Law, challenges the stereotype of the “stupid blonde” and sends a stimulating message to reach her full potential. The opening number Omigod You Guys is a pretty catchy track, and there are hilarious numbers like Ireland and Gay or European. One of the most anticipated moments of the series is the number of Bend and Snatch and it did not disappoint. However, Elaina O`Connor returns in the lead role, and we couldn`t be happier with that choice. Elaina, who was beautiful three years ago, is now even better than Elle Woods, who masters this role that could have been written for her in a brilliantly crafted performance. Annie Aitken pleases the crowd, and rightly so, as a hairdresser friend Paulette, a beautiful rough diamond with wonderful advice. She works wonderfully with Vincent Hooper as Kyle, whose subsequent appearance in the series is worth waiting for. This production is created by well-known local talent Marina Del Basso and Hamish McSporran, who run HAMA Productions, and cabaret and musical theatre actor John O`Hara sits in the director`s chair. This new production follows a series of locally produced shows that have recently filled the Crown Theatre stage, including We Will Rock You, The Boy From Oz and the upcoming production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Like these shows, it`s a wonderful showcase of local talent who have the chance to shine and show that quality entertainment doesn`t need to be imported from the U.S. or abroad. John O`Hara plays the role of Professor Callahan, but on opening night, the role was cast by Steve Simmons. There are also exceptional moments of Harry Boyle and Yoel Budianto who camped it to the maximum for their time in the spotlight. We also spotted popular Tik Tok star and The Voice Australia alumnus Sebastian Coe in the chorus dancing his heart. Vincent Hooper, who has appeared in impressive roles in the past, including Rocky on the Rocky Horror Show, steals all his scenes as Kyle – the UPS delivery type, while there are also big twists and turns from Charlotte Louise as Vivienne, Tahlia Loren Gibbs as judge, Zowie Simpson as Brooke Wyndham and Georgia Rodgers as her daughter-in-law Chutney. Elaina O`Connor plays the role of Elle Woods, Annie Aitken brilliantly plays the sidekick of hairdresser Paulette Buonufonte, Lloyd Hopkins is legal mentor Emmett Forrest and Greg Jarema delivers an excellent performance as a former friend Warner Huttington. So many beautiful little roles that it`s impossible to mention them all, but the teamwork and precision of the Delta Nu Girls – especially Bella McSporran, Claudia Haines Cappeau, Tory Kendrick and Rachael Coltrona – were particularly impressive.

Shanice-Kalina Thompson gives Enid Hoopes a wonderful feeling and Zowie Simpson makes a promising theatrical debut as Brooke Wyndham. This show looks and feels like a treat and Pink`s preponderance in the opening night audience shows that the Perth audience embraces this locally created professional production with passion and enthusiasm, Perfect for a Girls Night Out, which is worth a look. It was shown on Broadway for 595 performances and was considered a financial disappointment, but it was better in the West End, where British audiences flocked to see the production. In 2011, it won three Olivier Awards, including Best Musical. Subscribe to our e-newsletter, purchase our latest print edition or find a book on the performing arts at Book Nook. While HAMA introduced Legally Blonde on The Regal three years ago, with a number of cast members reprising their roles, it`s not really a remontage, with a new director, new sets, new costumes and a different vibe. HAMA is known for his dancing skills, and this show is no exception, as the directors and a large ensemble bring Daniella Papa`s energetic and demanding choreography with power and precision. Katherine John`s musical direction is solid and the show is supported by a strong orchestra led by Marty Pervan. Lloyd Hopkins is an endearing and clumsy Emmett Forrest, whose charm gradually conquers the hearts of Elle and the audience – a nice contrast to the initial Warner love interest, beautifully portrayed by Greg Jarema in his Australian debut. Some great antagonists too.

On opening night, alternative artist Steve Simmons played Professor Callahan. He shares the role with director John O`Hara, who probably wanted to be in the audience at the premiere. Simmons was awesome and created a complex and nuanced character. Charlotte Louise finds an inner villain girl, with a first-class performance in the role of Vivienne preppy. The ensemble all contributed to something that would animate the show. Songs like `Omigod` were a great show opening and `There! Right There! ” was a hilarious song that involved all the performers. “Bend and Snap,” performed by the Delta Nu Chorus, added extra warmth to the show.