Will a Name Change Affect My Taxes

Hello tea. This should not normally be a problem. If you change your name using SSA, the IRS will be notified on your behalf. This is common. Have they provided details on what is being audited? Could the reported W-2s refer to your old name? Hi Taisha. You can contact the IRS for more information. If it is successfully changed with the SSA, they automatically notify the IRS to update their records. If you update your SS card, the IRS will be alerted. This is usually not a problem, but it is not guaranteed in all cases. The situation you describe seems to be in the minority of cases. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly, because this is not the norm. I changed my name at the Social Security office as I was supposed to after a new marriage and I received a new Social Security card with the correct name and the IRS still puts the refund check in my old married name! We submit with my current last name, but they issue the refund check in my husband`s name and my first name with my last name.

The IRS wants people undergoing a name change to remember these important things: Hello Jennifer. You can submit it with the correct name next time. If the name does not match, the record is marked for manual review. When a person looks at it, he can often bridge the gap between the two names and let the return pass. If I got married in August 2016 and haven`t changed my name, including Social Security, can I apply for a bachelor or do I have to get married? Everything we possess is in my name and His name is on nothing. I read that if we file the marriage application separately, he must also list it, but he has nothing to list. The IRS may simply decide that your taxes will not be processed because the information does not match. As this is the “busy season” for them, you may not receive a notice of this long after the submission deadline. Failure to take legal action is not a boat anyone wants to be in. I filed my tax return on January 27. They agreed the same day. On January 29, I changed my name to my married name.

Should I call the IRS to update them or whatever Hi, I`ve been married for almost 12 years. I recently went to DMV to separate my last name in December. I filed my tax return electronically on 30.01.19. The SSA sent me a letter after I submitted it. I wanted to change or unplug my name on my CSS, but my tax return was already filed. Will I have a problem with my return? The status of my return does not change? My w-2s have only my maiden name, no hyphen. I filed my tax return under my new name, waited 3 weeks and finally called because my refund wasn`t there yet. They told me they had to authenticate my married name, even though the SS had already sent me a new card with my new name!!!! Frequently Asked Questions I just changed my name on my Social Security card. What name should I use on my tax return? Use the name on your new Social Security card when filing your tax return. The name on your tax return must match the name filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA). When I divorced 6 months ago, I didn`t want to go back to my maiden name at that time, I can now go back to him Hello.

I divorced in February 2018 and immediately changed my name to SSA, DL, Work, Banks, etc. My W-2s are now all in my maiden name. I filed my tax return two weeks ago and haven`t received any updates yet. I called the IRS before filing my taxes electronically if I was going to have a problem, and they said that once I filed my taxes, they should be able to check if my name had changed with SS. Is there a reason why it is taking longer than expected? I appreciate your answer. All last year, I was single. I just got married in January of this year. Can I submit under my old name? Bachelor? I changed my name. Report changes to SSA. Taxpayers must notify the Social Security Administration of a name change as soon as possible. When a taxpayer files their taxes, the IRS checks SSA records to make sure names and Social Security numbers match on forms. Hi Jho.

Your name change or absence will not affect your submission. You must make sure to submit the file with your current legal name. Hi Deb. Your tax documents must be in your new name, as the IRS will refer to them after being notified by the SSA. My wife and I got married last year. We haven`t done anything with the SSA and they haven`t changed their name yet. She filed her federal tax return (I haven`t filed mine yet) and we filed it separately. She received a message stating that it had been rejected for “R0000-503-02” because her spouse`s name and social security number (mine) did not match her records.

The information we entered is correct, so the only explanation is that their records still show them as single, which is understandable since we haven`t joined the SSA yet. If their records still show us singles and singles, should we say so? Because the separate deposit was rejected during the marriage. Hi Angela. You would submit with your current name. They keep a register of previous names for reference. If I got married but never changed my maiden name, will I have problems with my taxes? Once you have received confirmation of your name change from the SSA, use your new name on your tax return. If you don`t have enough time to change your name with the SSA before filing your tax return, use your current legal name as it appears on your Social Security card on your tax return. Married in 2005 changed his name to his own. divorced 11 months later in 06. I took my maiden name back during the divorce. I changed my name to DMV and changed my name to Social Security. My ID card and SS card reflect my maiden name.

Hello, I tried to file my taxes electronically and they were rejected because I got married and never changed my last name with the SSA. I went there and changed my last name and they said it would be updated overnight and the IRS could see it the next day. I tried to submit again the next day and it was always rejected with the same mistake, I don`t have time to send it, what should I do? My mom filed my taxes under the tax law – When she entered my name, she entered my maiden name instead of my married name. I have 2 last names since my maiden name was used to file tax returns. My return has been accepted by the IRS and I have already received my refund. Do I have to notify them of the error or just submit my return next year with the correct last name? Do I have to file my tax returns under my maiden name and wait until after my tax return to change them, or should I go to the SSA to change them permanently before filing and filing them under my new name? I received my divorce decree and changed my name 24 hours later. Unfortunately, this happened in November, so my W-2s have my married name and not my maiden name, which I picked up. My name is changed on my SS and DL.

I must submit my maiden name. Does it matter that my W-2s are labeled with my married name? Will the form be exactly the same, except with my name corrected, and if so, can I already file my taxes with the same information and only mark that they are corrected W-2 when I file an online return? Receive a new SS card. After a name change, a taxpayer must complete Form SS-5PDF, Application for a Social Security Card. The form is available at SSA.gov or by calling 800-772-1213. The taxpayer`s new social security card reflects the name change. I have always left the head of the family with my two children. However, I intend to adopt my husband`s surname for school purposes and for children. Can I still submit a married surname? Hello, I got married in July 2016. I didn`t change my name with the SSA or anywhere else.

Would I still submit singles since I haven`t changed my last name anywhere? ALSO IMPORTANT, THOUGH LESS FUN: If you`re divorced and have readopted your maiden name (or adopted a new name), the same rule applies. Hi, I got married in September 2016 but I haven`t changed my last name yet as I do a wedding ceremony on our 1 year anniversary and I would have officially changed everything. My W-2 has my maiden name and my SS card too. Can my spouse and I file our taxes as single or should we register the marriage separately? I think in screwed we got married in November and I was told I only had to submit together if it was over 6 months ago and now when we saw all of this we didn`t live together all last year and he submitted only one head of family and IDK what to do because they have now seen him again forever and it was an honest mistake, because I was told diff and was not double-checked!! my name has not been changed or anything Hi Jho. I was talking about your last name, not your husband`s. If you filed your tax return with the IRS and don`t expect a tax refund. You can start your name change at any time because you have already filed your tax return for the previous year. When the IRS processes your taxes, it may choose to keep your return until the name registered with the SSA matches the name you entered on your forms. Again, it may take weeks before you are notified of this decision.

It`s not helpful if you had big plans for your tax return! Hi, so I got married last year. I just changed my last name from my maiden name to my married woman`s name at the end of January 2018, and I just received my w2 forms around the same time, and they have my maiden name on it. And since I no longer work for them and haven`t worked since November 2017, I haven`t changed my last name with them. I didn`t even think about taxes when I changed it – if I had, I would have waited! What must I do? Under what name should I submit? Hello Claudia.