Wipro Legal Internship 2021

I`m still ambivalent when it comes to calling it a good internship or an unsatisfying internship. For one, I encountered the issues mentioned above, including lack of time with my mentor, which I believe led to my poor performance at work. That was the third problem with the internship. I use the present tense because it is a problem that has not been solved even after three months after the end of the internship. Like the day I write, my co-interns and I still haven`t received the amount of our scholarships. Ah yes, at the end of his internship, the intern should give a lecture on a topic he can choose, but which is ideally provided by the mentor. The topic of the presentation covers all topics that could be relevant to Wipro`s business and that could be a potential landmine or magnet for lawsuits if not brought to the attention of the legal team. Anyway, I digress, I will come back to it later. Monsieur can help me by saying how I can apply for an internship at Wipro 2) Building personal relationships is just as important as the quality of the work you do.

Wipro has a close-knit legal team that works well thanks to the confident nature of the staff On July 9, 2014, my internship ended and I went back to university. We were expecting to see our scholarship cheques, each of which was considerable.