Are Fireworks Legal in Arlington Texas

For more information on fireworks protection and public education about fireworks, check out the following resources. Fireworks are unpredictable and can explode unexpectedly and go in the wrong direction. They can cause serious injuries to the hands and eyes and burns. The sound of fireworks and loud blows can be traumatic for many people and animals. Fireworks cause significant property damage, including house fires and bushfires. More fires are reported on the fourth of July than on any other day of the year. The state`s fire marshal reported 360 fireworks and 237 fireworks-related injuries in 2020. People who have, use, sell, trade or shoot fireworks in the city are breaking the law. Before and during the holidays, the Arlington Police Department will conduct additional patrols.

If you are caught breaking the law, you will be fined $257 and the fireworks will be confiscated. It is the responsibility of the fireworks dealer to comply with the rules relating to fireworks. Like most Cities in North Texas, Arlington bans fireworks and anyone in care faces a fine of up to $2,000. Click here to find an official fireworks display near you. Residents are encouraged to report illegal fireworks by calling the non-emergency number at 425-407-3999. To keep the hotlines open, please do not call 911 unless there is an imminent danger to life or property. Be patient when Arlington police are dispatched to intervene. Residents can fill out a form on the city`s website and exchange information about the location of fireworks. Only public screenings approved by the Fire Marshal are permitted. Residents are encouraged to watch the public fireworks display at Quake Park on July 4 at 10 p.m. Fireworks are illegal in Arlington.

Those caught using it can face a fine of up to $2,000. 2021 was the first year that residents of the city of Arlington were not allowed to use consumer fireworks on the fourth of July. In May 2020, city council revised the Arlington City Code to ban fireworks for consumers. Previously, the City Council had solicited public contributions with an advisory vote on the November 5, 2019 vote. The measure was slightly adopted, with 50.7% supporting a ban on fireworks. Arlington authorities have a new year`s warning: avoid illegal fireworks. The city launched a website earlier this year where people can report fireworks to the Arlington Fire Department`s Operations Center, while 911 lines remain open in case of an emergency. Banning fireworks is not a new issue for Arlington and the community. Fireworks are banned in more than half of the towns in Snohomish County. City residents can report fireworks via the non-emergency telephone line at 425-407-3999. Please avoid calling 911 unless there is an emergency. The City of Arlington will introduce a new way to report illegal fireworks on this holiday on the fourth of July.

“Every year, people across the country suffer unnecessary deaths, injuries and/or property damage from fireworks,” the city said on its website. “We are aware that the city`s neighborhoods will always be filled with bangs, booms and colorful flashes of light when people celebrate the beginning of 2022 with illegal fireworks in their yards or in nearby parks.” The Tarrant County Fire Marshal`s Office conducts fire and life safety inspections at all fireworks stands and stores in unincorporated areas of Tarrant County using the Texas Code of Occupancy, Chapter 2154. In addition, all fireworks and show launch sites must also be inspected. All outdoor booths, indoor stores, and all fireworks and fireworks must be licensed by the Tarrant County Fire Marshal`s Office. Fill out the fireworks application and forward it to our office with the appropriate documentation and fees. (2022) While we are looking forward to the holidays on the 4th. In July, residents and visitors to Arlington are reminded that all fireworks within the city limits are illegal. This is the second year of this fireworks ban. The prohibition of fireworks prohibits the use, shooting, sale or trade of fireworks within the city limits.

Those who violate the prohibition are liable to a fine of $103. Fireworks can also be seized by Arlington police, who will conduct additional patrols on and around July 4. This prohibition does not apply to public exhibitions authorized by the city. For citizens who want to light their own fireworks, it`s important to remember that the only place you can light fireworks in unincorporated areas of Tarrant County is if you own the property or get permission from an owner to light fireworks. Consumers should be aware of the penalties associated with the illegal lighting or firing of fireworks. City employees will monitor the website and app from New Year`s Eve. Sarah Bahari, employee Sarah Bahari is a fashionable journalist. Previously, she worked as a writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, where she covered everything. Residents are clearly on both sides of the problem. However, security is the last reason why the city council passed the ban.

National Fire Protection Association – Fireworks Information Arlington recognizes that the ban represents a major change for citizens. Other cities have shown that it is difficult for police to occupy and enforce the fireworks ban when they are already grappling with community staff events on the fourth of July. We encourage citizens to use the non-emergency line to report violations and to be patient when Arlington police are dispatched to respond. Reports can also be generated through the city`s Ask Arlington app or via the Arlington Fire Department`s non-emergency number at 817-274-4444. The City will receive complaints from July 2 to 5 between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m.